What To Expect When In An Assisted Living Facility

Assisted living facilities have become an integral part of the care landscape for seniors looking for an alternative to living at home alone. Some people in an assisted living still drive, do their own shopping, and need minimal assistance within the facility. Others that reside in the assisted living facility may need a bit more help, but it is not the same as nursing home care. Assisted living focuses on providing enrichment activities, promotes independence, and looks for ways to create a homelike environment for everyone that lives there. This is a level of care that is great for people who don't feel safe living home alone but are not ready for the care that a nursing home provides.

Meals are Prepared for You

One of the perks of living in an assisted living facility is that you no longer have to prepare meals if you don't want to. You will have a small area in your apartment where you can cook using a microwave or toaster, but your main meals are provided for you. In most facilities, you will get a choice about what you eat each meal. There will be a main meal offered, as well as alternatives if you don't like the meal being served.

You Get Laundry and Medication Support as Needed

If you have become forgetful about taking your medication on time, you can have medication support from an assisted living facility. You will be reminded when it is time to take your medication so that you get the medication you need at the right time. When you no longer want to deal with doing your laundry, the facility will take care of it for you. There's no need to spend your days dealing with laundry when the assisted living facility will do it instead.

Socialization and Activities

Most people move from living alone to an assisted living facility for the activity schedule and socialization opportunities. Look over the activity schedule, which is usually posted for the month. See if there are things that interest you. Many residents participate in planning the activities offered, so you would get a chance to express your wishes when the time comes.

Living in an assisted living facility means you get some help, but you are expected to maintain as much independence as possible. You can drive, volunteer, or do whatever you want in the community while living among a group of peers.

For more information, contact an assisted living facility in your area.