2 Ways That Home Health Care Can Help Your Parent

As your parent ages, there may be a time when your parent can't be as independent as they have been in the past. If you don't want to put your parent in a residential facility and you want to bring them into your house, then you may need to have extra help to take care of your parent, especially if they have any issues like dementia. One thing you can do is to work with a home health care service. They can help you in several different ways. 

Respite Care

One thing that they can do for you is to provide respite care. Being a caregiver is hard, and it can be really stressful on you when you are trying to maintain the rest of your normal life. It may be difficult for you to get out and spend any time on your own or with your significant other. But having that time to recharge your batteries and catch your breath can make it easier for you to go on being a caregiver. Hiring a respite care worker means that you will have someone who is trained to work with senior citizens come in and stay with your parent for a few hours, a day, or overnight. Your parent gets someone to take care of them, and you are able to get the break that you need. 

Activities of Daily Living

ADLs are things like getting dressed, getting showered, eating, and other things that people do on a daily or near-daily basis. Your parent may have a hard time with some of those activities, but not have a problem with others. For example, your parent may be able to get dressed easily because of things like pullover shirts and pants with elastic waists, but taking a shower may be difficult because your parent can't stand very well or very long. A home health care worker can come in a couple of times a week and help them take a shower or bathe. That can take a lot of strain off you, since helping people in and out of the shower needs to be done correctly to reduce the risk of someone getting hurt. 

If your elderly parent has moved in with you or if they are about to move in with you, you may want to get some help put into place. That can include getting elderly home care services.