A Home Health Aide Can Help Your Loved One Manage Diabetes

Diabetes is a controllable medical condition. Yet, when not managed correctly, the disease can cause serious injuries and prove to be fatal. Helping your loved one control their diabetes is important, and a home health aide can help with the process. 

1. Medication Management

Taking medication as prescribed, whether in pill form or insulin injection, is critical for patients with diabetes. However, as people age, they sometimes forget to take their medication, or if they have mobility concerns, they might find it challenging to get to their medicine. The help of an aide eliminates these hurdles to ensure your loved one takes their medication as required to stay healthy. 

2. Healthy Eating Habits

Another key element of diabetes management is healthy eating. Home health aides provide a variety of services to the people they serve, including shopping for food, preparing food, and even serving meals, depending on the specific need. As a result, the home health aide will work closely to ensure your loved one is eating food that won't cause their blood sugar levels to spike.

3. Regular Exercise

Home health aides are ideal for anyone who has a mobility concern, but moving around as much as you can is important to blood sugar management. If your loved one is unable to move around because of a mobility concern, a home health aide can provide support to your loved one so that they can move around to get exercise, or the aide can work with them to perform adaptive exercises, such as those performed while sitting down.  

4. Routine Appointments

Again, mobility concerns can have an impact on a person's ability to control their diabetes. Home health aides provide care beyond the home in that they can provide transport to and from doctor's appointments to ensure that your loved one is able to speak with the doctor as necessary to manage their condition. 

5. Blood Sugar Level Monitoring

In the home, a health aid will also help your loved one monitor their blood sugar levels, which is another critical disease management tool. Even if your loved is physically able to administer their blood test, the home health aide can provide helpful reminders on when to administer these tests and even keep a tally of the results to provide to their doctor for any upcoming appointments. 

Hire a home health aide to help keep your elderly loved one safe and healthy.