Loved One Showing Signs Of Dementia? How Moving Them Into A Senior Memory Care Community Can Help

It's hard to watch a once-vibrant loved one begin to succumb to dementia. You feel like the person is slowly going away, even though their body remains in your physical presence. Dementia is marked by memory loss, inability to solve problems, and a decline in basic thinking skills. The ailment could start with something as small as constantly misplacing a wallet and gradually increase to the point where the person struggles to remember your name. If you're currently living with a family member who displays chronic signs of dementia, moving them into a senior memory care community might be the best choice you can make.

Find A Dedicated Staff Who Cares

Trying to keep track of your loved one can seem like a full-time job. Some dementia patients wander out into the streets and forget where they are. It can be days before they remember their own address and if they go too far, they might be completely out of your reach. If you don't have specialized training, you may not be able to give your relative the care that they need. It is just so much better for the individual to be surrounded by a team of highly-skilled medical professionals who can be there 24 hours a day to assist.

Memory care staff members know how to be patient and welcoming. When you tour a memory care community you may even be overwhelmed with the amount of concern that is demonstrated by the team that you meet. It's an incredibly supportive environment where your loved one can continue to thrive.

Caregiver Stress Can Strain The Relationship

As dementia progresses your loved one may begin to become completely unrecognizable. The loving, generous person that you used to know could turn into a miserly, stingy, or hateful individual who regularly yells at you or dishes out other types of mistreatment. You could become so stressed that you lash out and potentially bring your family member to tears. 

You're a human being and can't be expected to take the weight of the world on your shoulders. Instead of thinking that perhaps you are being selfish by moving the person to a memory care community, look at it as being a supreme act of selflessness. You are placing them in a new location where they can receive the kind of individualized care that is perfect for their needs.

Schedule a time to tour a few memory care communities. Once you see how efficient the administrative staff is, you can feel good about getting your loved one to such a safe place.

For more information, reach out to a company like Tabor Crest Memory Care Community.