Why You Should Prioritize Lead Paint Removal When Flipping A House

If you are planning on buying a house so that you can fix it up and either rent it out or sell it, you'll probably need to make various changes and improvements to the home. You might already have some projects in mind, but one thing that you might not have thought about is checking for the presence of lead paint. If the fixer-upper that you are buying is an older home, there is a good chance that lead paint is present. It is important for you to have any lead paint that might be present in the home removed during the renovation process for these key reasons.

It Might Be Difficult to Sell the House Without Removing Lead Paint

Many people who purchase fixer-uppers to renovate do so with the intention of selling them when they complete their projects. If this is your plan, then you should know that selling a home that has lead paint can be a difficult process. First of all, depending on where you live, you might have to follow certain guidelines when selling a home that has lead paint. Additionally, many buyers might not be interested in buying a home that has lead paint since they might not want to deal with the cost and hassle of removing it and they might not want to put themselves and their families in danger. If you are able to sell a home that has lead paint present, you probably will not get as much for it, which reduces the profit from your investment.

You or the Contractors You Hire Could Be At Risk

If you are going to be doing work on the house yourself, then you should know that you might be at risk if you work without having the lead paint removed first. The same is true for any contractors who might be performing work in the house.

You Probably Don't Want to Put a Renter or Buyer in Danger

Whether you are planning on renting out the house that you are flipping or you are planning on putting it on the market, you have to think about the safety of the individuals who will be living in the house after your project is completed. Even if you can make the house look really nice without going through the process of having all the existing lead paint removed, the house could still pose a danger for the people who will be living there. Not only do you have to worry about how these individuals might be affected, but you also have to worry about any liability that you might face, particularly if you don't disclose the presence of the lead paint when renting the home out or putting it up for sale. Hiring a lead paint removal service can help you avoid all of these problems.

To learn more, contact a company that performs lead-based paint removals.