Why Choose 24/7 Home Care Service?

In many cases, senior citizens require help with daily tasks. Home care services allow them to get the help they need without moving to a nursing home. When selecting home care services, you'll have the opportunity to choose the level and frequency of care that your loved one requires. For people who need constant assistance, 24-hour care services are available. Here are four advantages to choosing 24/7 home care services for your loved one:

1. Your loved one will be supervised at all times.

Some seniors cannot be left unattended due to physical or mental limitations. Traditional home care services are not an option for these people, since eight hours of care still leaves your loved one alone for the majority of the day. 24-hour care services provide round-the-clock supervision for the elderly. A professional carer will ensure your loved one stays safe. If an accident occurs, your loved one's carer can call for swift medical assistance.

2. Your loved one can receive assistance with toileting and personal hygiene tasks.

People with mobility challenges often struggle with making it to the restroom on time. Toileting can become an embarrassing, arduous task. 24/7 home care services will ensure your loved one has someone available to help them go to the bathroom at all times. If your loved one wakes up in the middle of the night needing to relieve themselves, a caring professional can help them do so. A carer can also assist with other personal hygiene tasks, like toothbrushing, bathing, and grooming.

3. Your loved one's caretaker will always be fresh and alert.

Many 24/7 home care services assign a few different caretakers to each client. Caretakers often work in eight to 12-hour shifts. Since your loved one will have multiple carers to cover the whole shift, they will be awake and alert, even during the night shift. Your loved one will always have someone available and ready to help them.

4. Your loved one will be safe in their home.

Assisted living facilities have long been options for people who require consistent care. However, COVID-19 has raised many concerns about the safety of living in larger communities. Many seniors and their families are uncomfortable with the idea of communal living during this highly infectious pandemic. When you choose home care services, your loved one will be able to continue living at home. By practicing social distancing and staying away from large groups of people, your loved one can safeguard their own health. Home care services will help them with this task.