3 Main Signs That Your Aged Parent Needs 24-Hour Home Care

Everyone wants the best for their aging parents. Sometimes, you feel as if you want to always be there for them. However, you might be busy with work or family obligations. Thus, you may not always be available to assist with personal care and other routines. In such a case, you need external help. In other words, you need to hire live-in home care aides.

Does Your Loved One Require 24-Hour Home Care?

Studies show that about 25% of American seniors above 85 years old need personal care. However, it's difficult to know when an older adult needs assistance with personal care. In most cases, they try to be independent by doing almost everything on their own. In other words, most senior citizens will never admit that they need help. However, older adults experience diminished physical activity, and they typically need help sooner or later.

Here are the main indicators that your aged parent needs assistance with day-to-day living:

1. Difficulty with Personal Care

On most occasions, your aged parent will experience difficulties with personal grooming and care. Some of them wear the same clothes every day while others stop bathing. In other instances, they may even stop brushing their teeth.

As you know, cleanliness is essential for your aged parent's wellbeing. Thus, they need live-in home care aides to help with grooming, dressing, and bathing.

2. Difficulty with Medications

Old age comes along with a wide variety of age-related sicknesses. So, most seniors are constantly on medication. Some of them take different types of drugs, and it's hard to keep track of the medicines they need to take at different times.

If your aged parent is experiencing difficulties with medications, you should hire 24-hour home care aides to help them take the correct medication at the right time. The aide can also check for vital signs, especially if the older adult has a condition that requires continuous monitoring.

3. Decreased Mobility

The inability to walk or stand for a long time can negatively affect the senior's ability to perform basic chores. They cannot move around, making it more difficult to cook, vacuum the house, sweep, or even care for their yard. Sometimes, they experience problems going to the bathroom. In such a case, they need live-in home aides to help with housekeeping and everyday chores.

The Bottom Line

Old age comes along with numerous age-related health complications. In most cases, older adults experience difficulties with housekeeping and other routines.  Instead of taking them to a nursing home, you should hire a live-in home care aide.